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Cartier La Panthere
  • Cartier La Panthere

    Unleash your inner feline prowess and embrace the untamed elegance of Cartier La Panthère. This mesmerizing fragrance captures the essence of a graceful panther, embodying strength, sensuality, and feminine allure. With its captivating blend of floral and chypre notes, La Panthère unveils a world of untamed beauty, inviting you to walk on the wild side and embrace your inner power.


    From the very first encounter, La Panthère entices with its luminous and velvety gardenia notes, exuding an air of delicate femininity. This intoxicating opening sets the stage for a fragrance that is both captivating and fiercely seductive. As the scent evolves, the heart notes of musky oak moss and sensual animalic nuances reveal themselves, creating a rich and bold composition that commands attention.


    The base notes of sweet and creamy notes of sandalwood and vibrant patchouli add depth and longevity, leaving a mesmerizing trail that lingers in your wake. Cartier La Panthère is a fragrance that celebrates the modern woman's audacity and untamed spirit. Allow it to be your signature scent, a symbol of empowerment and allure that exudes timeless elegance and unyielding confidence.

    We ship every Sunday. Payment and orders received beyond Saturday 12:00PM will be shipped the following week. For Metro Manila orders should be delivered within 2 business days. For the rest of the country orders should be delivered within 5-7 business days

    2 to 3 weeks delivery
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