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Membership & Subscription

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe you can either click the 'Subscribe' button at the top of the home page or go to the product of your choice and click subscribe. You will then proceed on signing up or logging in and pay for the subscription.


Learn more about our subscription policy.

Can I choose a different scent for the next month?

Every month you can try different fragrance of your choice. Once you got billed on the next cycle you can choose your scent for that month by going to your Account profile and go to 'My Fragrances. Under your Fragrances history there is a button where you can choose your next scent. We will also remind you and send you an email of the link where you can choose your next fragrance. In the event you forgot to  choose a fragrance for the month after our reminders, we will choose your scent for you based on your quiz result or previous orders,

Cancelling my subscription

In Omniscent there is no contract. You can cancel anytime for no fee. You can cancel your subscription on your profile under 'Membership' tab. All of our subscription plans automatically renewed (with the exception of gift subscriptions). To avoid subscription renewal, be sure to cancel your subscription no later than one day prior to your scheduled billing date. Your billing date can be found on your 'Membership' tab under your account. In the event your subscription is canceled after your scheduled billing date, your cancellation will ensure you aren't billed again in the future.

Can I skip a month?

You may skip a month anytime you feel like you don't want to receive a new perfume at the moment and at the same time you don't want to cancel. You can request to skip a month on your account under "Membership". You won't be billed on the month you skip.

Is it possible to pause my subscription?

You can pause your subscription anytime. You can request to pause your subscription on your account under "Membership". Your membership will not run until you request to continue your membership. You won't be billed on the months you are on pause.

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